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Patti Collins

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Hi Dr. Deb,
I have a 14 year old half draft/half Welsh Cob cross. I've owned him for five years, and he's always had an off and on issue with loose stools. I have treated him over the years for this condition by using probiotics, metronizole, replacing grain with beet pulp, and feedingthe supplement Succeed (on the advice of my veterinarian). I had some luck  feeding Succeed, but the loose stools came back when I stopped. The horse is not on pasture, only dry lot.  He is fed 6 flakes of hay and 4 quarts of Stable Smart  mixed with beet pulp per day. I have tested for fecal sand, and the results were negative. Do you have any thoughts on this situation? My horse is sound, happy, and is a pleasure to ride, but this condition concerns me.
Thanks, any input will be appreciated,


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I would also be interested in feedback as I have the same situation with my horse. He also poos more often than other horses and if he so much as snatches a mouthful of grass out on a ride, I know it will come out loose within a short time. He is on hay extruded barley and beet and a vitamin/mineral supplement.  His vet recommended a tonic but it also contains garlic and kelp so I am reluctant to use it. Like your boy Pat mine is happy and energetic.

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