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Western Moments
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 Posted: Mon Aug 27th, 2007 03:16 pm
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Dear ESI,

Thank you very much for another great Inner Horseman. I will miss them, even the title inspires me.

I've really enjoyed the Granddad's Horses section and read with interest about the Poco Bueno QH line being buckers. I have a PB grandson and he has bucked me off twice, the most recent episode was at a HW clinic. The first time was in a grassy field last fall and I got hurt (I was asking him to leave the grazing). Recently at the clinic, the horse would back off his canter at certain spots in the arena and Harry said to kick him when he did that. I'd kick and he'd ignore me so finally I gave him a good whack with both feet and he hurled into bucking and flung me into the soft arena sand. Luckily nobody got hurt (I didn't even lose my hat) and he stopped and turned to me waiting. I did get back on but was not too keen on kicking him again - or even cantering for that matter. Of course I don't want this to happen again and I'm sure he senses my trepidation. Last weekend whilst trail riding he bucked a bit but didn't get me off - I pulled a rein and he stopped. In this instance, the others were ahead - they're gaited horses with fast walks and they started trotting. We had to trot almost the whole time on this ride just to keep up - not a bad thing but it makes you wonder about trail riding with 'those types'! He bucks when afraid or pushed to do something he didn't have in mind. I'm not giving up on this horse quite yet but imagine my surprise to read your IH! In the meantime, he'll make me be way way better and way way faster in avoiding these western moments.

Thanks for a great run on Inner Horseman writings, and keep up your fine work. Also, if you have any tips on helping me with my bucking horse, don't hesitate to write back. I'll reread the other thread about the bucking pony.

Yours sincerely, Miriam

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