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Hi all,

Had a most unusual and fun ride last night and wanted to know if this is what is called "Filling In"?   I've heard this term used and wondered what it really meant and now I'm thinking I just experienced that very thing last night.

The minute I got on my horse, Mickey, I could tell he was in a most unusual state of mind, and mind you I was very much not focused because there was so much going on at the barn.  So, I put the stereo on classical music and turned the indoor arena lights on very low.  I think this set the mood.  I was trying to counter the chaotic energy that  I was feeling there. 

Anyway, instead of me being the teacher, my horse was the student showing me everything he had learned for the last couple of months.  He just went right to business and ran through his whole repertoire of movements, which included; lateral engaging steps, stepping up with the inside hind and softness, turn on the forehand, etc.  It was as though he had the plan for the evening and I just sat back and enjoyed the ride.  I can't help but remember the expression he had on his face and throughout his body.  It was one of pure joy and eagerness.  I can't say that I have ever experienced that type of ride with him before and I'm wondering is this how it gets as one gets better?   I sure felt like I had a partner and felt like all of my hard work of starting over is sinking in with him.

As always, I'd love to hear any comments from my fellow forum members.

Happy riding,



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AAAHHHHHHH!  Successful training!  Great job tuning everything out, and enjoying dancing with your horse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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:) Sounds wonderful...




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What a delightful horse, it seems to me he was doing more than just 'filling in', it sounds like a wonderful example of communication between 'beings'.  Lucky you, enjoy!

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