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G'day from downunder- Im new
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 Posted: Sun May 20th, 2007 11:31 am
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Well- today CYRUS had the pleasure of meeting Dr Deb.. and CYRUS( the horse) & ME( from now on CYRUS - is myself) had fun-

Dr deb - CYRUS  added an avatar- of where my horse and CYRUS   spends most of days- as he is my best mate...  but you guessed it- we do prefer the trails to arenas..

But CYRUS  also believes in doing my best to ride in time with my horse.. and over the past 5 years I have been trying to undo many wrong lessons... I always knew they were wrong- but I could never find right answers- no one ever had any- bu to tie in my horses head- kick shove and pull... CYRUS  does have another teacher who does just the same things you say too- in different words- but I describe the feeling as magic- when we manage to work together... but it takes me ages to work out just how this happens...

I have searched in many corners - to see what CYRUS  can find-

In the end CYRUS  discovered that my horse always tells me  that CYRUS  is stuffing up- until CYRUS  met him- CYRUS  the horse- CYRUS  had no idea how badly- but he is a very good teacher-

CYRUS  look s forward to tomorrow-  and  a few more descriptions- as I need to somehow put together what  the horses feet are doing- and move with him- and not forget to move-

CYRUS  can actually feel the feet most of time- at walk ( By the way I have been riding on horses all my life- so 49 years later- I still have not figured it out- sadsad- but I am working on it) The only way CYRUS  figured this out was from reading an article somone wrote on Ray Hunt-CYRUS  thinks it was in the Australian Hoofbeats magazine- and CYRUS  has been working the plan ever since-  it has taken me ages to figure out- and I still dont always get it-

Today you saw a horse licking- as a sign of understanding- and that things were going right- and CYRUS  saw the horses face change too- to the birdie eyes- perhaps-

anyhow- thats one thing that took me so many years to actually discover- is the signs that horse gives us -

But anyhow- CYRUS  really will get addicted to reading another horse forum- but ME  looks forward to it-

( please note- the use of CYRUS  intead of the word I- darned if CYRUS  can find a suitable replacement for it) but CYRUS  will try- and not ask too many questions-


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