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mounting issues
 Moderated by: DrDeb  
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Joined: Tue May 25th, 2021
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 Posted: Tue May 25th, 2021 10:37 am
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hi der,

respected members would need your help with this problem that i face. whenver i mount my mare bareback she is as quite as she can be, but using the saddle it gets very difficult.
can someone please help me with this.
mine is a hot blooded 6 yrs old kathiyawadi mare.
i am from india.

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 Posted: Thu May 27th, 2021 05:06 am
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Qaswa, you are asking your question at a very general level, without providing us any specific information as to how your mare is being "difficult". So much so as to almost make us think that you are not a real questioner. You understand that we get lots of posts (or attempts to post) at this forum from people who have no good intentions.

You can convince me to provide you a real answer if you will do us the courtesy of asking a real question.

You have told us the breed, sex, and age of the animal but this is not nearly enough information to enable us to help you, particularly at such long distance. What you seem to be describing is a horse who has not been properly or adequately prepared for saddling. This is the usual reason all horses, of any breed, age, or sex give difficulty or make objections to being saddled and/or mounted.

If you write back and tell us that you don't understand what "proper" or "adequate" preparation for saddling means, then we will direct you further. What does your mare do when you try to tighten the girth? What does she do when you approach with the saddle and pads in order to put it on her? Does your mare stand quietly for other interactions with you, such as to be brushed? -- Dr. Deb

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