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Dear Dr Deb and all

My horse has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 ulcers at her pylorus. My vet has suggested adding oil to her feed (along with a months worth of medications - omeprazole, an antibiotic and sucralfate - before re-scoping to assess any improvement)

My question is on what oil to feed? She's a very good doer so I am mindful of calorific intake. The vet has suggested corn or rapeseed or soya but with no preference. The research I have been able to find generally advocates feeding whichever oil is produced by the company sponsoring the research! She's generally a little sensitive to phytoestrogens so I was going to avoid the soya but if anyone could point me in the direction of research on oil that would be appreciated or if it really doesn't matter and I'm over-thinking it that would also be good to know.

Many thanks



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I have found, sadly, that many veterinarians know extremely little about equine nutrition.

I have heard recommendations of aloe juice due to its soothing properties. I've never heard of adding straight oil. What I've found works well though is managing the horse so that the ulcers are unlikely to occur in the first place, which means increased access to appropriate forage, ample turnout/ability to move about w/ pasture mates the do not cause un-due stress, a low-stress stabling environment (see the aforementioned about turnout), minimal grain feeds if they aren't necessary, and working towards making sure the horse is 100% OK in his work. If you can achieve these, in time, the ulcers will take care of themselves.

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