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Hey All,

I am new to the forum world, but I have an issue I could really use some input on! The following description is what I am passing around, and there are links to slow motion video on you tube to actually view what is happening. If there is anyway to help my boy I want to know about it!



Good Morning Dr. ,

My name is Ariel Martin and I was referred to you by Dr. Brandt. I have a 7-8 year old gelding that is having issues with his hind leg collapsing underneath him. He had both stifles cut about a year and a half ago due to extreme lameness and discomfort. We tried several treatment methods prior to the surgery that were unsuccessful. I took a year to really work him into shape and build the muscles up to support his hind end and he seemed to be doing great, reaching really well and tracking correctly. I put him in heavy work (ridden 5-6 times a week, jumping up to 2 ft, long distance gallops). My goal is to use him for 3 day eventing. During this winter I had him stabled at a place where the indoor arena was pretty deep in spots, and when I felt him slipping in the back I chocked it up to bad /deep footing. it only happened occasionally. Three months ago I moved him back to his normal barn with lots of trails and began to notice the tripping happening more consistently. It is very unpredictable, and can occur at a walk, trot and downward transitions from the canter to the trot or walk. In the last few weeks it has gotten to be very frequent (half dozen times in a 30 minute workout). He has also become anxious under saddle, like he is expecting something. I Put him on the longe line to see what was happening, since from the saddle it just feels like he is falling out from underneath me. Yesterday I took a bunch of slow motion footage to try and locate the problem. I took it to Dr. Brandt this morning and he is concerned that it may be caused by destabilization of the Patella, however he referred me to you to see if you have seen this happen before.

-He has shoes on all four, about 6 weeks ago, upright feet, but the angle is good and the toe is not too long. I am going to have the farrier take a look again just to be sure.

-He was adjusted by a chiropractor 2 weeks ago. He was a little crooked in the hips, but overall bill of health.

-He is a Heinz 57 breeding. Not registered, sold as a quarter horse but built more like a morgan, very short coupled and upright.

-He has not had any significant feed or environmental changes.

-Performed a tail pull test for signs of EPM, he braced and resisted perfectly.

-The collapse happens with both hind legs, but always the outside leg of the circle. It also happens when traveling straight, or on the trail. It is difficult to get footage of that, so my assessment is based on the footage on the longe, in which case it is the outside leg, both directions.

The video's a pretty large, so I uploaded them to YouTube rather than emailing them directly. If you could take a minute to look at them and let me know what direction to go I would greatly appreciate it! Please let me know if I need to send the footage in a different format

Thank you again for your time,

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Magic, please look above on our Forum home page and find the thread that gives directions as to how to use the Google Advanced Search function.

Please then use that to search our Forum for the keywords "locking stifle", "sticking stifle", "upward fixation of the patella". We quite frequently get the query you've submitted and your question has been answered at length previously.

If after you've reviewed the old threads/posts you still have questions, please don't hesitate to write in again. -- Dr. Deb

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