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I'd like to find more information on the condition of twisted tongue. I recently switched to a new equine dentist and was surprised when she informed me my 11 year old mare has a "twisted tongue". Previous dentists never mentioned a twisted tongue. The dentist let me look at the mare's tongue and it looked like there was a slight twist and fairly large lump on the tongue. The dentist said this was caused by the bit. As I started this mare myself and am the only person who's ever ridden her, I must be responsible for this. The thing that confuses me is that she has a lovely soft mouth, goes in a Dr. Bristol on a slack rein, though when she was younger she did get stronger when trail riding in company. She doesn't open her mouth, stick her tongue out, toss her head, travel behind the bit or do any of the things I always associated with mouth pain. Though she's always been something of a slow eater and a bit of a hard keeper as well. I've had little luck finding information on the condition.

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Sweet, to begin with, unless your equine dentist is also a licensed veterinarian, they have no business -- and in fact it is both unethical and illegal -- for them to be "diagnosing" anything.

What you need to do is ask your veterinarian the next time you see him or her to perform a thorough inspection of the oral cavity in quest of anything alarming or unusual. The lump on the tongue could be a tumor or something else, and you would want to know what it is -- if indeed there really is a lump.

Apart from that, I wouldn't give the matter another thought. -- Dr. Deb

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