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Savannah Aliy

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its been a LONG time since I worked with Dr. Deb and her dissection course taught through Equinology in Petaluma! But the memories go on and on! I came across her study on calcium requirements in horses on the internet a few years ago and I cannot find it?! Does anyone have a copy or the link?! thanks

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Savannah, I have never done a calcium requirement study. What you want, I think, is Pauline Moore's magnesium paper. You can get that by EMailing our office: and put 'Want magnesium paper' in the subject line. It is a PDF document and we'll be glad to forward you that for free.

Be it noted that I do not specialize in physiology, but teach very basic muscle physiology (i.e. that mammalian bodies do require Ca++, Mg +, Cl-, and so forth) in the anatomy class that you attended. -- Dr. Deb

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