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Dear Folks -- I want to assure you that Chef Jeff (our Webmaster) and I are aware of the difficulties that some of you have experienced logging on and/or getting the new software to accept your registration. We are well aware of it because we have had the same problems ourselves!

I would prefer it if the software we wind up using did not require any registration procedure at all. However, it appears that if we want to use this particular software, that's our only option.

Given that, here are some suggestions:

1) Change your cookie settings. You'll notice a link for this at the bottom of the window that it gives you when you click on "log in".

2) When creating a Username or Password, avoid the use of dot (period) or other special characters such as asterisk, comma, exclamation point, pound sign, percent, tilde, greater-than, less-than, carat, bracket, parenthesis, ampersand. You can use numbers, however.

3) When creating a Username or Password, keep all the characters lower case; don't mix upper and lower case letters. 

4) Don't make either your Username or Password longer than 8 characters.

5) Be a little patient regarding getting the "account activation" EMail back....realize that this Board is currently hosted on a "Board server", so that when you send an EMail from here to yourself, it must go through that server, then through your own ISP's server before it can come back to you.

I want everybody here also to know that we are, unfortunately, not done yet with testing this software. There are other functions that have been problematic to Chef Jeff and me besides the registration procedure. I had hoped, because this software does have a very good look and it's full of easy-to-use features, that we could settle here. However, if we cannot get ALL the bugs out within the next week, we will revert to our old Forum software (not the last stuff, but our original stuff).

So, folks, stay tuned. And do please EMail Chef Jeff ( if you continue to have trouble registering or logging in...your EMails may help him in debugging. Thanks very much for everyone's patience (and persistent enthusiasm). -- Dr. Deb


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