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Slow hind leg on Arabian performance horses
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 Posted: Mon Oct 22nd, 2012 12:23 am
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I am watching the Arabian National Championships via streaming and have a question. It seems that the hind limb length of many of the english performance horses are long and I wonder if others noticed the same thing on the breed? It seems to me that a quicker hind leg that comes more under the body would help them "sit" more and allow the horse to get the height in their gaits that the trainers and breeders seem to desire these days. It has been over twenty years since I was involved in the breed and it has really changed since I was in the showring.

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 Posted: Mon Oct 22nd, 2012 03:12 am
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Chem, read the post I just put up on "Where to Sit" submitted by Alison W. The answer to your question is there. The hind legs on the Park and English Pleasure Arabs is either the same, or only slightly longer (total hind limb length or THL) than what you'd find on a Western Pleasure Arab or a reined cowhorse or cutting horse of any breed. It is not the length of the hind legs; I've not seen any Arab with the kind of length (excessive length) to the hind limb that one may commonly nowadays find on a Tennessee Walker -- the Arabian breeders are not yet quite so silly, and also, they are not trying to produce 'overstride' as the TWH people are.

Now once you've reviewed that post, I'm going to tell you that's just what I happen to have on my mind because I just wrote it five minutes ago. The proper reference, which is 'required reading' you might say, for all my students, is for you to go to our main website at and click on "knowledge base". Then click the three buttons to the righthand side of that page, and download the following three papers:

"Lessons from Woody"

"True Collection"

"The Ring of Muscles"

-- this is all stuff I've been teaching since the middle 1980's, i.e. you might have found it thirty years ago. Better late than never! -- Dr. Deb

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