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I have a 3 1/2 year old Oldenberg filly. Last year I noticed she was having problems picking up her rear legs and tried to kick when they were picked up. Based on recommendations from both my farrier and vet we had her screened for OCD. Stifles and hocks were x-rayed. Negative. A chiropractor adjusted her and said it looked like she had fallen. She had (twice as far as I am aware) tearing around in her pasture after a rain storm. She had a small soft tissue bump above one hock. My vet concluded it was probably a bow. As she was only 2 and non-working we approached it conservatively (with a wait and see - it was not warm). The chiropractic adjustment helped with her picking up her hind legs. A year later she still appears to be having a little difficulty with picking up her hind legs. I have just started some light lunging in prep for backing. I noticed on one of the hocks what appears to be a click (this is more of a visual than an actual sound (almost like a double jerk)) in the joint. Her gait on that side appears a little abnormal (so slight as to be unnoticeable). She is a fancy high stepping mover so it is hard to see. I read an article which I have not been able to relocate where someone described something similar in their 3yr old warmblood. Their vet had said something about the tendons and ligaments possibly being too long and going over the joint. There is a minor surgical procedure to correct. I spoke to my vet and he asked me to send  the article. He was not familiar with this. We are going to screen for mechanical abnormality. Since I cannot locate the article I thought I would post here to see if anyone has had any experience with something similar. I would appreciate any info.

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