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When I train a gaited horse and make it more supple and using the hind joints more, lumbar sacral, stifle, hock, it's gait gets smoother. I am told by gaited trainers the horse must have exaggerated head nod or it is not gaiting. However as the horse uses itself as I described the head nod becomes much less but the gait is smoother. It seems to me the head nod becomes greater if the back is stiff and the horse doesn't use the joints correctly. I would like to understand this.

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Whitesell, go to the Google home page. Enter "advanced search" or "advanced Google search" in the bar. When the page comes up, put the keywords "gaiting round" or just "gaiting" or "gait" in the keyword blank space. Then be sure also to dub in our Forum address, in the bar at the bottom where it says "limit search to", so that it limits the search to just the content of this Forum.

It will pull up a number of threads, as this very question has been asked in this Forum several times before. Please look for the one with my reply containing the photo of my Rocky Mountain gelding Oliver in gait and absolutely round.

If after reading this information you still have a question or want to discuss something, please don't hesitate to write back.

Also, by the way, you will have to go through the registration procedure for this Forum if you want to be able to view images or post them. -- Dr. Deb

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