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Joined: Thu Apr 26th, 2007
Location: Adelaide, Australia
Posts: 13
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Posted: Mon Jun 11th, 2007 11:50 am
Well Dr Deb, I thought I would finally post with an update about my horses feet.  Since you saw him in Adelaide I have had a farrier trim him back but his lack of enthusiasm for being able to do anything to help his contracted heels sent me looking for further information.  Mary was able to put me onto a couple of good web sites and from there I was able to read much more about the subject.  What I have ended up trying is rolling the toes with a rasp to bring the breakover back, and as suggested by one of the barefoot guys, placing pads within his boots to provide frog pressure (the reason being until he is made comfortable landing heel first he never will, thus never expanding his heels and putting pressure on the toe, exacerbating the problem).  The results were a marvel to behold - free flowing shoulders and placing his feet heel first - brought tears to my eyes.  I then decided to invest in some pads made for the purpose rather than the non-durable stuff I had bought from the rubber shop to experiment with - it would seem to be a good investment.  He continued to exhibit the improved movement for everyone to see at the Tony school we attended this weekend (which was a great success by the way).  The coming months will show if continuing this treatment will start to change the shape of his feet. Changes have been made to his diet to help the process along.   I feel hopeful. 
Many thanks for the clinic which started me off on this line of thought.  I thought others may like to try this and hopefully see similar results.
(PS - I had trouble seeing which way a foot was landing before this - now I can't miss a toe-first is so common!).

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