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Joined: Sat Mar 31st, 2007
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Posted: Fri Jun 8th, 2007 11:00 am
Deb: I'm not the only one that enjoys your writing and know-how. So, other than your replies to Forum queries, The Inner Horseman, and the book about poisonous plants you've mentioned, what else is in the works (as if that isn't enough to keep you busy)? Any hints?
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Joined: Fri Mar 30th, 2007
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Posted: Fri Jun 8th, 2007 02:50 pm
There is in fact a fair amount on our plate, Mark. The Poison Plants book is booming along, and I have promised it by Christmas this year -- not IN TIME FOR Christmas, mind you, but I mean it will be completed by Dec. 25th and then can be distributed after that. I confess to enjoying this project quite a lot -- for once I am not writing as an expert in the subject, for I have no botany to speak of. I am, however, just as capable of learning to tell plants apart as any other horse owner, and this is the perspective from which this book is coming. In other words, it will be easy to use and it will make CLEAR how to tell similar-looking things apart. It will also have a Dictionary of Common Forage Grasses -- grasses are much harder to differentiate than other things and yet so very necessary for us horse owners to know.

This month I am also working on the mid-year issue of "The Inner Horseman" -- another important issue and the last installment of "Grand Dad's Horses" -- this one to be on the Quarter Horse, the world's most numerous registered breed. As with the similar feature on Thoroughbreds which appeared in the January issue, this one will present many historical photos, pedigrees, and text that explains where the QH came from, who bred it and why.

As to the future: I have been encouraged this year to note that the Cosmos appears to be working just as our best teachers have said it other words, in short, "what goes around comes around." After a low period for the last several years, this year enlightened cadres of the equine dentists on two continents have once again asked for anatomy instruction -- which I am more than happy to give. With the pleasure of doing that, however, comes the reminder that I am still working on an equine dental anatomy text....

....and actually, that text is just one volume in a planned series to cover the whole of the equine body in language that anybody can understand and (where it pertains to whole-body functions) in a way useful not to surgeons but to riders. This design has evolved as it has become clear that there is a great deal to say -- so much that it will not all fit on one disk. Plus, people are interested in anatomy for different sorts of reasons -- i.e., some are wanting to be massage therapists, some are doing energy work, some are equine dentists, some are horseshoers, some are riders and/or engaged in training a horse. So, what we are going to do is produce the anatomy text as a series of volumes, and a person could then get whichever ones they wanted, or all of them.

As to a definite schedule for this: well, I want to get the first volume in this series out in 2008.

My NZ friends are also asking for a series of seminars on gaits and movements for 2008. Each year for my trip to NZ and Australia, we pick a theme, and so this will be it for next year. Which means that I can tell you what I will be doing in January: out with my videocam, and in the lab, well then I have to learn how to put video clips onto CD disks.

As to our website: our Webmaster Jeff has been very busy so far this year because he's back to working once again on a National Public Radio station -- KPVL out of Postville, Iowa. It's a tiny station that is trying to grow, and Jeff is Program Manager as well as host for a number of shows. Radio is his first love, so there's no question that our ESI Website has to take a back seat to that. However, Jeff has promised to get a couple new things up in Knowledge Base -- these have been waiting in the wings but should make interesting new reading for our regulars.

So, as they say on oldtime radio: don't touch that dial....I'll be in the California office daily through August (except for the weekend with the International Association of Equine Dentists' convention in Louisville, KY). Our Research Volume for 2005-2006 excavations at Vindolanda has just come out, containing not only my paper on the Birds of Roman Vindolanda but really important and fascinating reports by other researchers on the plant remains, temple sites, fort walls, jewelry, and inscriptions -- and my ticket's already booked for my September visit there. In October I'll be back; 13th-15th October we have the Farriers Special Anatomy class, then a full-body class at Dave Elliott's. In November it's our Equinology full-body class here at the lab in California, followed in the first few days of December by the SKELETON CLASS where people get to come and help us actually mount a horse skeleton. And everybody is welcome!

Best wishes to all -- go back to the Home Page, click on "classes and clinics" if you want to participate in something. And as always -- happy riding: the weather's been just incredibly beautiful out here and hopefully so wherever you are. -- Dr. Deb


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