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Joined: Thu Feb 18th, 2010
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Posted: Sat Apr 27th, 2013 08:11 am

I wonder if anyone on here has experience of successfully treating sarcoids?

My 6 year old PRE has developed several over the past year - he had one by his eye which remained very small for a long time. At the end of last year I had him gelded and about 10 have now appeared around the wound site (quite a while after it had completely healed), and he has now developed two more on his face and the one by his eye has begun to grow quite rapidly in size.

Photos of them all are now with Liverpool University, which I understand is one of the leading research bodies on sarcoids. They will be advising my vet as to the best course of treatment - which provisionally looks like it is going to be a series of BCG injections for the one by his eye and 'Liverpool' cream for the others. The other option is chemotherapy.

My concern is that this is only addressing the symptom, and the virus (if that's what it is) that is causing the sarcoids to appear will still be in his system. The treatments are all quite aggressive and if they recommend chemotherapy, this would mean sending him to Liverpool (a long way from where I live) and complete isolation for several weeks while he is undergoing the treatment. He is a very sensitive horse who lives out with other horses, and I think he would struggle with this.

As sarcoids are still appearing, I am wondering about the value of treating the existing ones when new ones may be on their way . In addition, the treatments are VERY expensive, so I will need to rely on my insurance, which will only allow me a year to treat them before they are excluded from his cover.

I would guess that the sarcoids flared up as a result of his immune system taking a hit when he was gelded (despite the gelding itself going very well).

For information, he is fed Coolstance (Copra), with Himalayan salt and Mag Chlor added. He lives out, with ad lib haylage in the winter months. I work with him 5-6 days a week - in the past he has found life quite stressful, but things are now much improved and I don't think ongoing stress would be a major contributing factor.

I am struggling to find much information about anything other than treatments of the sarcoids themselves - so any information or experience would be gratefully received.


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Posted: Wed May 1st, 2013 09:33 pm
Hi Megan,

sorry to hear about your horse. I have successfully treated several of our horses with sarcoids using homeopathy. You might want to consider getting an experienced practitioner to help you with this alongside any other treatment options you decide to use. Homeopathic remedies will not interfere with other treatment and can help deal with root causes and reoccurences if properly used.

You can see some over the counter products advertised, but I wouldn't recommend this as it is crucially important to get the specific remedy needed for your particular horse and his particular symptom expression. I have extensive homeopathic training myself and it is still not always easy to figure out. So you really want to go with someone with proper training and experience. It also takes knowledge and experience to judge reaction to the remedy, etc.

In the UK, Christopher Day is a veterinary surgeon with classical homeopathic training and experience. I think he will travel and could also probably refer you to other vets if needed. Here is a link to a sarcoid fact sheet from his website:

Please note, I don't know him personally (but have read his books), so this is just a starting point for you. It is a tough situation to be in so I wish you luck. This may or may not be helpful for you, but I wanted to post just in case. I have seen really good results with homeopathy in a variety of conditions, but it does take a lot of study and experience.

Dr. Deb, please accept my apologies if you have to remove something in this post. Best wishes.

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