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Size of Horse's Feet and Limbs -- Need Your Data
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Joined: Thu Sep 18th, 2008
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 Posted: Fri Sep 11th, 2009 02:53 am
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Hope this isn't too late to  be of any help...

#1 horse is  30 years old, Egyptian bred Arabian, and a gelding

Cannon bone is 8 1/2 "

width of foot from outside of wall to other outside of wall is 4 3/4", his feet are not round.

I estimate his WT at about 950#...we have nothing but a WT tape for cows.  HE is 15 hands 3 " tall barefoot with just trimmed feet.

He is entirely sound,...having not worn shoes now for over 15 years now.  He is not ridden very often but when we do, he gets along fine on our roads which are all blacktop and some gravel.

#2 horse is 11 years old, halter bred  Quarter horse, mare

Cannon bone is 7 1/2 "

width of barefoot estimation as she is currently shod is 4 1/2 " Her feet are not round.

I estimate her WT at 1000#, again no WT tape but the one we use on our cows, and she is 15 hand 1 1/2 " tall.

She was sound barefoot all summer here on our black top roads and gravel ( it is the only place we have to ride here) till it rained for weeks here and her soles got so soft that she became ouchy and the walls  wore way too short for riding on this kinda of surface , so i had her shod in the front feet only. She is perfectly sound now.

I bought this mare last Oct,,knowing she had one front foot that was a slight club...which over winter really got a lot worse.  I had the vet and my farrier work on her...and after some chiro work from the vet and my farrier trimming her often, she has remained sound and there is never more  a few degrees angle difference in her front feet now.  I also got a ATH saddle for her ( and me! ) as i think most of her foot troubles were caused by ill fitting saddles in her past.  Her back and shoulders and knees were pretty messed up in addition to her foot but after my vet working on her, the shoer trimming her often and riding her with the ATH saddle that fits her wonderfully , you would not know she was the same horse, looking at her back AND her foot.

Very interesting reading all this.  Marne


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 Posted: Wed Oct 21st, 2009 03:33 pm
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I've been meaning to respond to this-- hope I am not too late!!

Colby- 22yrs Belgium Draft/ TB  16.2 hands  I don't have a tape-- but he has got to be 1400 lbs. 

Barefoot sound- somewhat retired Cross country/ dressage horse-- still trail riding

Bone 11 inches

Hoof  5 3/4 inches

Was sound all of his life- barefoot for 4 years


JR 20 yrs TB  retired Hunter  now kids horse  16.2 hands 1150lbs best guess

bone 9 1/4 inches

Hoof 4 3/4 inches- barefoot

no history of injury that we know of-- he was raced


Finnagan 10 yrs Hanoverian 16.2 hands 1200lbs

bone 9 inches

hoof 5.25 inches

barefoot-- this horse has had issures mainly stifle


Laura 8 yrs grade TB 15.2  1000lbs

bone 9 inches

hoof 4.75 inches

sound barefoot


Ruby QH 10 years 14.1 hands 1000 shes pregnant-- normally a little lighter

bone 8 inches

hoof 4.5 inches

sound barefoot -- she did pull a rear suspensory before me


Cocoa 3 years Registered half arabian/ percheron 15.2 hands 1250

 Bone 9 inches

hoof 5.5 inches

barefoot sound



Joined: Fri Mar 23rd, 2007
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 Posted: Sat Nov 28th, 2009 07:24 am
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Sorry its so late, hope its still in time to be useful to you:


Irish Draught x Appaloosa 16:2hh 9 inches bone, 6.5inches hood (shod), 1200lbs with measure tape. 8 years old and sound so far. Schooled and hacked, plus ocasional dressage competitions for fun.


Sunny Boy

Welsh x ? 12:3hh 7 inches of bone, 4.5inches hoof (unshod) 664 lbs with measure tape. 14 years old and sound so far. Schooled and hacked



14:2hh Lipizzaner pure bred 5 inches hoof (shod), 9 inches of bone, 1050lb with measure tape 15 years old and arthritic hocks,plus luxating patella problem inherited from previous poor training/riding giving rise to extreme weakness. Otherwise sound. Schooled and hacked plus ocasional dressage competitions for fun.



15:2hh 8 inches bone, 5.5 inch hoof (shod) , 1033lb. 12 year old Connemara x TB sound so far. Showjumped, schooled and hacked.


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