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Dr. Deb, what is your beef with Clinician X?
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Leigh in SoCal

Joined: Wed Jun 11th, 2008
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 Posted: Tue Oct 28th, 2008 12:43 am
"For me I only started understanding this from having someone help me by telling me the moments when the horse was subtly giving, resisting, about to move etc. It was having someone explain to me when the horse was having a thought about doing something and getting me to be able to catch it before the action."

Alex, how true your words ring in relation to your Ray Hunt clinic experience.  For me, riding with him was one of the most enlightening, and humbling, of events.  His clinic gave me so much to hope for, and so much to work on, for the rest of my equine-related life, especially in the feeling of those subtle gives/attempts the horse is making, and timing an appropriate (read subtle) release thereto, or, as DB always says (loose paraphrase):  how little will it take to communicate what you'd like from your horse.  Dr. Deb has long recommended a book entitled Zen in the Art of Archery, which I read shortly before going to RH in 2005; something about your post says to me you'd really enjoy it, or perhaps you've already read it.

Happy trails...

Alex from Canberra

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 Posted: Tue Oct 28th, 2008 02:43 am

I think you credit me with being way brighter than I am. If I could have got all of that from one Ray clinic, wow, think what I could get from two!

I must say with the Ray clinic, it was far more humbling than I expected. I took my "old hand" horse who I expected to behave in her usual very relaxed manner so that I could kind of sit back and take it all in. Well, that wasn't to be......

I think the biggest things for me were Ray's whole manner, he is so zen! So humble, humorous, quiet but definite. Wonderful things to aspire to. And I love the way that he laughs, that really got me through the hairy moments when  my horse was doing terre terre everywhere. Hey why should I worry?

A truly incredible experience!



Super Moderator

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 Posted: Tue Oct 28th, 2008 04:38 am
Folks -- I've been posting tonight within some of the individual sub-portions of this discussion. The number of posts that have come in while I was on the airplane and unable to respond yesterday make this necessary if I am to respond to individual queries. And I want to emphasize that there have been some good queries here, and some good and probably necessary discussion.

But there was one post -- by Billy -- that I want to respond to here. This is the content of the last post made by Billy, on Oct. 24th at 10:55 p.m. She says:

It's interesting that someone else has posted the latest posts as "Billy" who was not the original Billy.  I think the moderator should delete this thread now as it is becoming crazy.

OK, Billy -- apparently you don't realize that I have the capability to track all the IP's of anyone who posts here. Here is the log:

Post by Billy -- (the original or first post that started this thread)

Post by Billy --

Post by Billy --

Post by Billy --

Post by Billy --

Post by Billy --

Post by Billy --

Post by Billy -- (this is the last post, in which she claims that somebody else is pretending to be her).

Now, not all IP addresses are assigned in exactly the same manner, but all of them in which the first 8 numbers are alike refer to the same network (such as there might be a number of computers at one place of work, or within one home). The last one or two numbers in the string usually indicate an individual computer or workstation.

The initial strings '207' and '208' both designate Canada, and a Sam Spade search of the particular addresses used under Billy's name are, in fact, all from the same Canadian internet service provider.

From this, and from the times of posting, we conclude that Billy has always been Billy. She is posting from home in the afternoons, using more than one computer (one from Mama Bear, one from Papa Bear, and one from Little Baby Bear). She also posts from work -- from 8:30 to 9:30 in the morning -- using a machine with a '207' address. Wonder if the boss was monitoring while she was flaming?

We have also had, in this thread, 'Billy Backer', who is undoubtedly Billy's significant other -- not in attendance at the original seminar, by the way -- he posts from at 3:00 in the afternoon. Maybe he's been out of a job for some time and has little else to do.

And finally, we have 'Billy's Right', whom we recognize from a year ago -- the writing style is characteristic, although this is a new moniker. 'Billy's Right' is probably having to go farther afield now to find a computer from which she can post here, as I banned about six of her previous addresses from the Australian code '203', and we won't be hearing from her again for a while I think, as I banned the most recent address too. I don't mind a heated discussion but insanity is more than I have time for.

But to get back to Billy: I took the time to perform the research necessary to make sure of where Billy has been posting from, so that I might act in all fairness. The research having been done, however, Billy is once again revealed as a liar.

Now folks, I want to tell you again -- this is not the first time for this type of situation. Yet another IP on the banned list belongs to a woman who had been with Clinician XX and who brought her horse to a seminar I was doing. And when I saw her horse fleeing his hindquarters away from her whenever she approached his haunches, and when I told her 'this is what I notice', and asked her to do differently, she became extremely angry. And she threatened to turn me in to government authorities, told me I'd never be invited back to that barn or that town, ran around to all the other people at the event trying to engender support, pursued me with registered letters afterwards, and came into the Forum with personal insults.

She could be a clone of Billy, but they live in different countries, at the opposite ends of the globe!

But though they are far apart, they are not far enough away from Clinician XXX. Theirs is behavior typical of those who are indoctrinated, and their treatment of me has greatly helped me to understand how the Nazis could have perpetrated all the atrocities that they did during WWII, or how Bin Laden could have wished to kill thousands of innocent people in the Twin Towers in New York. "If I can't have it, you can't have it either."

Now I am declaring as Forum Moderator that this is the end of this thread -- please note, all further posts in this thread will be deleted. I have also deleted some other posts in this thread -- not in most cases with any intent to censor anyone, but just to prune it down and keep it focused -- and what remains of it I would intend to keep in public view. For there is a value in keeping some things that are ugly. When General Dwight Eisenhower's army liberated Auschwitz, and they came in there and they saw all the emaciated prisoners, and the heaps of dead bodies so thin they were like skeletons, and the gas chambers and the ovens -- Eisenhower ordered all the army photographers to use every single bit of film and every photographic plate, and document the entire camp, just as they found it. And he said, "We are doing this because in fifty years, some son of a bitch will come along and say 'this never happened'." -- Dr. Deb



If you have other types of questions, please refer to other threads or, if your topic isn't covered, you may start new threads. Thanks -- Dr. Deb




Last edited on Tue Oct 28th, 2008 10:12 pm by DrDeb

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