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ESI Q and A Forums > ESI Q and A Forum > Questions and discussions for the ESI Q and A Forum > Why are they so willing to communicate and work with us?

Why are they so willing to communicate and work with us?
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 Posted: Mon Nov 21st, 2016 06:38 am
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My question may be completely inane, but it’s a profound curiosity of mine, and I am thinking this is the place to ask it.

I don’t know if this is regarding the « spirit » of the horse, as I’ve read about in True Unity or something else.

I wonder why horse’s, at least in my experience, are so WILLING to acquiesce to our (at least mine) sometimes awkward communication attempts.

I notice that I will be asking for something, and maybe not getting it, or not knowing exactly how to communicate it effectively. The next day, he responds to me like-« is this what you were asking for? » and he’s almost always right. It’s like he was thinking about it on his off time as strange as that sounds.

Being that I’m not a great hand at this point, why the heck would he offer 90 per cent to my probably 10 per cent in comparison-meaning in comparison to his response. I have a lot of try and am constantly working on being better, but in comparison to him I am finding that my try seems to gather up a huge per cent of the horse’s try in response.

I think the bottom line of my question is WHY do they BOTHER to offer up so much to us?

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 Posted: Thu Nov 24th, 2016 12:39 pm
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Cap, this is very sweet and very humble of you, and I will tell you that this is a stage that many in our school go through: the dawning of the realization that the only sentient being is NOT oneself, that the only intelligent observer of the situation is NOT the human.

However -- the question as you pose it is almost unanswerable, because it would imply that we can read the horse's mind. We cannot do this. Our elderly teacher made no claim to be able to do this. When people would walk up to him wanting to blather about ESP or psychic powers or "whispering", he would turn his back and walk away.

And several times, I heard him say: "I don't have anything that anyone else could not have."

And right after that, he would also always say: "But this is something I had to do BY myself FOR myself."

So -- what we can do is observe, remember, and compare: the maxim of Galileo Galilei, the first modern scientist. We can stay present and BE present to our horses as they are present to us; so that our interactions with the horse continue to be a dialogue rather than a monologue. Horses do talk -- they just don't articulate. They attempt pretty hard to communicate with us, constantly, so -- regard that as an invitation to keep your ears and eyes open. -- Dr. Deb

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