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Members Only Archives -- New Package
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 Posted: Mon Apr 2nd, 2007 03:43 am
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Dear Folks -- Our newsletter, "The Inner Horseman", started in 1997 as a photocopied document consisting of sixteen pages stapled together in the upper left-hand corner. It contained text and black-and-white photos and illustrations. did not take long for the newsletter to get considerably bigger. By 1999 (Volume 3), it had already expanded to over 60 pages per issue.

....I can remember sitting one lunchtime in 2000 with our Webmaster Jeff in "La Morenita", our favorite Mexican place in Livingston. We were discussing what to do about the newsletter. Always about three jumps ahead of me where technology is concerned, Jeff was urging me to convert the newsletter to Adobe Acrobat format on CD-Rom. "Yes," I protested, "I'd love to have color and the capability of publishing longer documents -- almost book-length....but will our members go for this? What if they can't figure out how to open the document?" and so on, and so forth....finally all Jeff could get me to do was SPLIT the Year 2000 issue, publishing part of it on CD but retaining some of it on paper, to try to ease the transition....

....Several months went by, and the response from membership was very gratifying: the CD format went over well with almost everybody....people loved getting so much information, and we loved being able to keep the price down thanks to the fact that it costs so much less to duplicate (and especially) to mail lightweight disks rather than bulky paper publications....

....Looking back, though, we then realized that we had some valuable information in the original, early issues on paper, and we did not want to lose that information. So, we created the "Members Only Archives", and posted this within the ESI website. Members were sent a password, and to read the Archives they had to type that in and the Archive section would open.

....However, this had its own difficulties, such as that sometimes people would lose or forget their passwords, and Jeff had to keep track of a big list of names for the times when people needed help. So, in 2002 we redesigned the ESI site and eliminated the Members Only section.

....It was still important, though, we felt, to continue to provide members with the information in the Members Only files. So, at that point we converted the file into a master disk and sent one to every former and new Associate Member.

We have continued to send out the Members Only Archives as a separate disk. However, because the MO Archives is only about 180 pages long and has fewer graphics files than most of our issues, it occupies only a small fraction of the total space available on a disk.

This is also true of our 2001 Inner Horseman issues -- they are shorter than the 2002 through 2007 issues.

At this time, what I would like to announce is that we will henceforth be sending out the Year 2001 Inner Horseman issues on the same disk as the Members Only Archives. Anyone who purchases the Year 2001 issues will receive the Members Only Archives as a free benefit, right on the same disk.

There is much valuable information on these disks, which represent the best of the first several years of "The Inner Horseman". The content includes the totality of John S. Rarey's writing, who lived in Abraham Lincoln's time and was the first American "horse whisperer"; Segundo's 1802 treatise on bitting; John Astley's 1585 advice to horsemen; Dr. Deb's "Painty and the Trampoline"; Harry Whitney's original horsemanship articles, reprinted by permisson from the original publisher; advice on releasing the back; and hard-hitting discussion of core horsemanship concepts including attention, pressure and release, unity and harmony, and more.

My thanks as always to everyone who has been an Associate Member. We get almost nothing but great reviews from the folks who read "The Inner Horseman" -- and we try every year to maintain the same high standard in providing "a place for horsemanship discussion that goes beyond the merely physical."

Best wishes -- Dr. Deb

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 Posted: Mon Apr 2nd, 2007 04:12 pm
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Dr. Deb-

I was reading my early Inner Horseman disks and there is a reference in an early one (2001 I believe) to a discussion on French Classical Dressage that was in an earlier newsletter, but I didn't see the referenced discussion on the "Members Only" archive disk.

I am perfecly capable of missing the nose on my face, so I may have just missed it, but I am interested in reading it if you could point me to it.

I can also give you a clearer reference to what I;m talking about if I'm not making any sense.

Thanks so much for everything.






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 Posted: Tue Apr 3rd, 2007 03:59 pm
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Callie, I think I know what you're referring to, and that particular item did not actually make it into the MO Archives disk.

However, this is more than made up for the fact that I did a very complete set of features on this topic in the 2004 and 2005 issues. What you want to look at is the whole "Wilton House -- Baron Reis d'Eisenberg" series.

By the way, my editor at Equus Magazine also tells me that the version of this historical series which I prepared for Equus in 2005 has FINALLY gotten clearance (we had to make sure we had all the best illustrations, and sometimes when you have to get those by begging of various museums, it can take a long time). So look for something on the history of classical dressage in Equus during the next few months.

Cheers -- Dr. Deb

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