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Please Help Us Locate These ESI Associate Members
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 Posted: Sat Mar 31st, 2007 02:24 am
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Dear People -- As some of you probably know, over the past month we did a mailing from our office which is our yearly "Hey Neighbor -- We haven't heard from you in a while". People in the U.S. received a yellow postcard; those living anywhere else got a one-page letter in an envelope.

We send these reminders to everyone who has been an ESI Associate Member anytime since 2001 AND who hasn't renewed their membership by the time the mailing is compiled and goes out.

If "mailings" aren't something your business does, let me tell you that the statistics say that less than one-tenth of one percent of all those who receive a letter of solicitation in the mail respond to it. But -- this sort of statistic is an average which includes all the junk mail, like the CitiBank offers of "free" checking, all the "free" credit card offers, and all the "exciting" offers for a lower monthly mortgage on your house. In face of such a flood of crud, why would it be surprising that hardly anybody responds? But this is also why these types of companies keep on keeping on sending the same or similar mailings to you -- the statistics they look at tell them that it takes, on average, eight mailings before their junk is even opened or looked at.

Well....we don't do things that way. We send out ONE reminder and actually we don't even do that every year. And we only send it to people we think really are interested in our work, but who might have forgotten that memberships must be renewed each year if the person wants to receive "The Inner Horseman" for that year.

What happens if a person who we have not heard from in a while has moved? Statistics (again) reveal that the average American household changes address once every two years. That means that if we send a card to somebody who has not been a member since 2001, if they have moved we get the postcard or letter back from the U.S. Postal Service marked "unable to forward or deliver".

This is the last step, then, before we drop the person from our files....because if we get the card back from the Post Office, it is simply wasting money to send any more correspondence to that address. But there is ONE last chance....

....this Forum! Below readers please find an alphabetical list of all the cards/letters that we have received back from the P.O. for this year's mailing. If you know someone on this list, DO NOT reply to this Forum -- instead, please call or EMail the person directly, tell them that we are looking for them, and if they are interested then they can EMail us ( or mail us (Equine Studies Institute, P.O. Box 411, Livingston, CA 95334). Please note that it is NOT necessary to buy anything or renew a membership to stay on our mailing list -- if people want us to stay in touch, then just let us know only that.

Thanks to everyone for any help on this that you can give. -- Dr. Deb

Janis Abens.....formerly of Groesbeck, TX

M.K. Boone....formerly of Santa Cruz, CA

Mary & Stu Christopherson....formerly of Brentwood, CA

Cynthia Denegree....formerly of Ross, CA

Amy Diemling....formerly of Dundee, OH

Robyn Drake....formerly of Chicago, IL

Cornelius Farren....formerly of South Lyon, MI

Jack Flynn....formerly of Paradise, CA

Robert Gear....formerly of Greenfield, MA

Cathy Grubham....formerly of Custer, SD

Lisa Hogan....formerly of Westminster, CO

Karen Howard....formerly of Bonsall, CA

Linda Huck....formerly of Willits, CA

Fran Johnston....formerly of Raleigh, NC

Charles E. Kinney, Jr.....formerly of Newbury, OH

Vivian Kram....formerly of Shreveport, LA

Linda LeMieux....formerly of Hayden, IDA

Kimberly Lindsey....formerly of White Bird, IDA

Jim & Susie Madsen....formerly of Gardnerville, NV

Bryna Maloney-Keyes....formerly of Corvallis, ORE

Tim McGaffic....formerly of Marina Del Rey, CA

Becky Palm....formerly of Los Gatos, CA

Kellie Rahm....formerly of Harrisburg, ORE

Margaret Segal....formerly of Tarzana, CA

Don Squires....formerly of Saginaw, MI

Barbara Taber....formerly of Orange, CA

Laura Valkonen....formerly of Finland (and Texas)

Nancy White....formerly of Cool, CA

Marilyn Wiese....formerly of San Angelo, TX

Nancy Wong....formerly of Rochester, MN


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 Posted: Sat Mar 31st, 2007 10:25 pm
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Tick me off the international list... I received the one page US based reminder, thanks.  <sigh, sad> but a membership at this time is not in my budget.  However, will try to review this situation in time to get the second-half / all in one later in the year ~ at least it will save the ESI postage and builds anticiptation.  

This is the hardest reality I've had to deal with - drought.  The more important issue right now for me is the functionality of my trusted bore.  Its been such a reliable source of excellent quality water.   It supplies the water to my horses as well as the house when the rain-tanks dry up.  A new neighbour-but-one has been granted an irrigation licence and it appears that when they (and others) irrigate, we loose water pressure to pump.   For us, this means the cost of dropping the pump further down (which sounds like a possibility after talking with some locals with excellent knowledge). The alternative is a complete new bore hole which is an expensive not needed.  Even a short time of being without water is leaving me with a wickedly awful feeling of desperation.  Adding to this the price of feed (supply and demand),  there's no pick in my paddocks of any value at the moment and there's no rain forecasted today or anyday soon (with any reliability).  The situation is just so frustrating.  I'm just one of many, I'm sure.

I'll be in touch when the budget is more manageable <smile> Your materials, Dr Deb, are worth their weight in gold
 to all equine enthusiasts.  Please continue allowing them to be available.  I'll catch up at some point.

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