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 Posted: Sat Dec 17th, 2016 09:01 pm
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Dear People: We are able to offer a three-day limb and foot anatomy at our ESI lab facilities near Turlock, California over the weekend of January 27-28-29, 2017.

This class is being co-sponsored by the Western States Farriers' Association. Any farrier who enrolls in this class earns "points" for WSFA, in other words, farrier enrollments cause us to kick back a percentage of the enrollment fee to the WSFA educational fund. Thus, when farriers enroll, they are not only helping themselves but also other farriers.

Farriers are still welcome to enroll in this class and we do still have some spaces open. However, as of today enrollment is also open to the general public; anyone who wishes to attend may enroll.

We have to have this date for open enrollment so that people who may be coming from out of state, or from some point in California fairly far from us, and who need to book a plane ticket, can do so with some hope of getting a decent price on the ticket.

This class is a tremendous and rare opportunity. It has been over ten years since I was able to offer it at our own lab facility. It represents an opportunity to get in on the hands-on anatomy experience for less money, too, since I usually do not offer the three-day class.

The enrollment fee is $600, of which the first $200 is a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. We will sign you up just as soon as your deposit is received. The full amount is due by 8 a.m. on the first morning of class.

People who enroll will receive 12 hours of lecture/discussion time in a classroom setting, 18 hours of hands-on time with real horse limbs in the lab, a free handout packet, and discounts on all of our educational materials in whatever format (i.e. DVD, printed book, books and other materials on CD-rom). We provide your lunch for free each day too.

Understand that this is not your usual "from the knee and hock down" type of farrier demonstration -- what a snore, you've probably seen that a million times already at the horse fair or maybe from a veterinarian talk. No, no. What we have is WHOLE limbs, shoulder and hip to the ground, and the big topics of discussion will not involve the hoof. Rather, we'll be going after the reciprocating apparatus of the fore and hind limbs, what the tendons are, what the check ligaments are, what the yellow-band system is -- in other words, how the horse's limbs actually work, and how changes in the automatic balancing and tensioning systems that are built into the equine limb change the horse's needs for trimming and shoeing. This is body-to-hoof, whole-body stuff, and we certainly hope you see the benefit and need for this knowledge.

During the class, you will also be networking with farriers, equine bodyworkers, and interested horse owners -- friendships and professional connections we love to see you make.

If you wish to enroll, please contact us by writing and we'll reply promptly with all the information you'll need.

Thanks to everyone for their ongoing interest in our hands-on anatomy classes. -- Dr. Deb


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