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Animal communicators
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Allen Pogue

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 Posted: Thu Apr 8th, 2010 02:59 pm
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Hi Dr. Deb,

 Perhaps this has been answered, but i did not find any threads after a cursory search ..

 I (like a lot of others on the forum) always appreciate your no nonsense approach.

So what is your educated opinion of animal communicators??

Have any actual scientific studies been done to validate the claims of paranormal abilities?

I am going over to Texas A&M next week to give a yearly lecture/demo for the undergraduate classes in Animal Behavior Science, last year this question came up and I did not have any good answers.

Allen Pogue

 Dripping Springs, Texas


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 Posted: Thu Apr 8th, 2010 09:34 pm
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Allen: Great question. I get this one too, all the time, and here is how I answer.

Once upon a time, there was a great and remarkable horseman, an old man who I was lucky enough to get to spend some time with. He had the ability, and I saw this numerous times with my own eyes, to 'put the good word' on a horse that needed it. For example, one time I was helping to host a horsemanship clinic that he was teaching. We had a number of people pre-enrolled, and everyone showed up on time but one person. It was my job to greet everybody when they came in with their trailers and help them unload and find their stall, etc.

The clinic had already started before the last person showed up late. I got off my horse and went over to help her come in, and found her in a pretty good state of anger and "flusteration". She'd had a breakdown with her truck, she said -- though usually this sort of reaction is actually due to the person having trouble getting their horse in the trailer and so then driving like hell but still arriving late. Despite my own idea about this, though, I said nothing to her but just helped her and told her, "don't worry about being late. You're just fine. Just get the horse settled in and then you can tack up and come in the arena when you're ready."

Meanwhile I went over to our elderly teacher and spoke into his ear saying, "we have a late-comer and she's all upset and flustered," and he rolled his eyes and nodded because even from a distance he could see how she was walking -- all stiff and stompy-like, and abrupt and jerky with her horse.

So a half-hour later she had got ready and she did come in, and went over to the teacher and he started asking her name and where she was from, and so forth, like he would do with anybody. And he asked her what her concerns or problems were with her horse, and her reply was whiny and long-winded and all about blaming the horse.

This was quite a conversation and I had the feeling that the elderly teacher was actually kind of prolonging it, partly to just let some of the wind out of the bag so to speak. But this girl was not about to let that happen. She was determined on having a buildup, determined to look for reasons to punish her horse and blame or castigate other riders in the clinic as well.

Now, you understand, I am standing there listening and watching the teacher and the young woman interact, but as that was going on suddenly my "sound track" cut out and I began to see the situation with a kind of twin vision. One image was just what anyone would ordinarily see: an old man sitting in the bed of a pickup truck, talking to this girl while her horse was sort of weaving around restively behind her at the end of the reins.

And suddenly, with my "other" vision and "other" hearing, I saw/heard the teacher speak to the horse. Right while the other, more superficial, conversation was going on! And he said to the horse -- or, not so much 'said' I would say but 'conveyed' -- there is no proper way to express this, but he 'communicated' to the horse that no matter what happened that day, the horse would be all right. Everything would be all right is what he told the horse.

And in response to that, the horse looked at him and I swear the animal nodded its head. And after that, I don't care what that girl did -- she was a total bitch all day long too -- that horse was 100% OK on the inside. We were doing the 'weaving game' with the class divided in half, half going one way of the arena, half going the other way, thirty riders or more, all weaving in and out; and this girl is shouting 'you're doing it wrong! You were supposed to turn the other way!' and kicking her horse and yanking on the bridle -- and instead of getting upset, the horse just softened up a bit more and slowed down just a little bit, like an old schoolie. Whereas before our teacher 'spoke' to him I was sure there was going to be a wreck!

No matter how much that girl tried to criticize or punish the horse -- the horse was going to be OK, and the horse knew this for sure.

Now this is an example of what people call the work of an 'animal communicator.' But now here comes the point. Whenever anyone would walk up to our elderly teacher and call him that, or if they said anything whatsoever about 'paranormal' or 'ESP' or 'psychic communication' -- he would turn his back and walk away.

And this man, who could have made any amount of money from not only the gullible but even from sensible people who believe in the life of the spirit, never took one thin dime from either me or from many others of his students.

And he said, over and over again, that he had nothing special; that anyone who devoted themselves to the study of horses (and other animals) could have the same thing. He said, 'this is something I had to do BY myself FOR myself.' And he specifically insisted that his abilities with horses and other animals had NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with what people mean by 'psychic communication' or 'paranormal abilities.' What he SAID was that the ability to induce positive emotional and mental states in animals are NORMAL abilities. We therefore Allen do not need to quote to audiences the results of scientific studies concerning the existence or non-existence of 'paranormal' abilities, because we are not talking about paranormal abilities.

Our elderly teacher's greatest student, Ray Hunt, commented upon exactly this when he said: 'A lot of people know how to get stuff done with a horse by making war. It is easy to make war. But not too many people know how to get things done by making peace.'

So it is incumbent upon us to ask, first, if indeed the ability to operate by means of making peace is a NORMAL HUMAN ABILITY, why we see it manifest so seldom. And Ray's answer to this is: because we do not practice making peace. We go first to the big spot. We thunderously over-aid and over-stimulate the horse. We disrespect and annul him by considering him to be 'merely an animal' or 'a creature with lower intelligence.' We consistently miss the first subtle communication coming FROM the horse that is meant to tell us that he doesn't feel good about things. We over-ride his ideas and his concerns.

Our elderly teacher's brother, Bill Dorrance, said: 'nothing scares a horse worse than when it realizes that its feelings are not going to be considered.'

So after telling the audience these stories, Allen, I follow up by giving them a protocol by which they can develop their own ability to effectively communicate with horses:

1. Spend as much time as you can around someone whose abilities in this direction are already highly developed, and for whom their further development is the chief goal of life: i.e. Harry Whitney for example.

2. Learn to read horses better. A huge amount of information about what the horse is thinking and feeling comes from how he stands, how he breathes, what he directs his attention to, and so forth. It is all SMALL SIGNS but you must not miss them! Study 'The Birdie Book'.

3. Always look for the 'small spot' and try to get the horse to operate from there. Someone once referred to our elderly teacher as 'the master of from zero to one'.

4. Grow up. Get your own emotions and reactions under conscious control. Learn to stop blaming everyone and everything except yourself for your problems. Begin with this exercise: for just one week to begin with, totally eliminate the word 'resistance' from your speech.

5. Understand that there is the Greater Path and the Lesser Path (as explained in the Birdie Book). While our elderly teacher was able to use the Greater Path, which means directly addressing the animal's mental and emotional state without need of touching the animal's body, anyone in the whole world can use the Lesser Path, by which positive inner states are induced, as they are in Yoga, through exercises which serve to focus the animal's attention and cause him to step through certain key movements. Notice that there is no special merit in the Greater Path, despite its name; for someone who has utilized the Lesser Path to induce a better mental/emotional state in their horse has ultimately helped him no less than someone who has developed the ability to do it from a distance.

Our teacher never lied. He said we all have this ability and we all do. But, Allen, I always end this little speech by asking: and how many of you are willing to do the personal work that it is going to take? Because just as Jesus said, once you embark on this road, you are going to have to pay the last farthing. There is no having it by halfway trying, by whining or by wishing. You actually have to catch yourself every few seconds when that anger or that impatience is rising, or when that worldly ambition tries to intoxicate you with images of how good your horse could make you look.

I leave them by inviting them to do two things immediately:

1. Obtain a copy of J. Allen Boone's "Kinship With All Life" -- study, read, believe, and integrate what it teaches into daily life.

2. Go and teach their horse how to mount the circus drum....there is no greater exercise for bringing the person into face-to-face, mirrored encounter with all that is ugly within himself. When that gets a little more cleared up, progress is possible. -- Dr. Deb



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