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Work load for a show horse
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Tammy 2

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 Posted: Fri Jan 30th, 2009 10:02 pm
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Amen, Dr. Deb.

I recently trailered my horse to a barn I used to board at.  I felt like getting out and riding on dry ground.  We have LOTS of snow here.  Well my boy was so well behaved, quiet, and content.  A couple of years ago if I took him somewhere, this was not the case.  He would be fairly stressed, calling out and well, pretty much the opposite of how he is now.  And the ride would not have been much better.  This was before The Birdie Book. 

I did not want to get him too sweated up so we did alot of walking.  Shoulders / Haunches in, leg yields and just some aimless walking as my daughter and I had the arena all to ourselves.  We just absolutely enjoyed every second and did not have a set plan of giving a "workout".  I did do a very small amount of trot and canter.  But mostly a tonne of scratching, petting and just quietly feeling.  (Power of Now)  The lady that owns the place watched and talked for awhile.  She made a comment that I did not do much for going all the way there.  Well, I felt that we did lots.  It was to me, a perfect day and most of all, reminded me of where my horse and I used to be and where we are now.  I don't mean physically of course, I mean relationship wise.  I am so glad I am on the path I am now and not still back there.  But like Dr. Deb noted, nobody understands this unless you are on the same path.  Which is usually not at all the path that most are.  I did not comment to her about what we were doing. 

I was also reminded of many things that go on with some horses.  One owner complained that her horse needed more shavings in her stall as her horse got too much pee on her legs.  Another does not want hers turned out at all while there is snow.  Um....these are horses and they need to be what they are.  And of course there are the horses that are ridden like a machine 6 days a week cause they need to be conditioned and kept in top shape.  I think the saddest part is that you would be hard pressed to find these owners just petting their horses, or take them out for a leisurely walk, goodness they may get dirty or something.  That is probably why none of them looked happy or content.  They are not a trophy and we should realize how fortunate we are to have them.

PS - Thanks Dr. Deb for everything - I have been having such a great time with my horse as well as doing so much reading.  You know what I have realized lately, that I knew more and was better as a child riding then as an adult.  Once those dressage people came into my life, everything just took a turn.  Glad I got turned back around, now I just have to unlearn some things.

PPS - Maybe a good saying also is that one's ego is the devil.



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