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Base narrow - twisting hocks
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 Posted: Sun Apr 27th, 2008 02:43 pm
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I have a 7 year old TB\QTR gelding.  I bought him as a 4 year old.  Had him pre-vetted. Vet never mentioned anything negative about him base narrow hind end and asymetry in his hind end.  He had a sore back when I tested him and the owner said they had been riding him a great deal.

3 years later - he still has a sore back. He is not lame, doesn't show any real cadence irregularities, but when I ride him I can feel his unbalanced, not straight way of going.  I ride dressage, so I know it is not an inverted problem.  Although I know he does not lift his back as much as he should.

I have done years of chiropractic, photonic light and just yesterday he had a 2 hour massage.  Legend shots and daily Hyalun.  The massage therapist yesterday said he was sore from him ears to his hind hoofs.  She could believe how much pain he was in.  I don't ride him hard and he takes many weeks off at a time.  It is too painful for me to watch his hind legs.

As I am doing research, I have found that the Illiopseasoa muscle may be a problem, maybe a small fracture in his spine, or pelvis. He stands uneven from behind.  I have had the saddle fitter look at my saddle 3 times over the last few years

He did have surgery 2 years ago on his right hind high suspensory ligament at Washington State University as he had scar tissuee from an old injury that was pressing on a nerve.  The Vet was very pleased with the surgery recovery.  I treated it with the photonic light for 4 months.

I have watched Dr Bennets "Secrets of Confirmation" and I believe my horse has appropriate angles.

But back to the hind legs,  with each step in swings under himself and plants his hind foot almost in the midline, and as he pushes off his hind leg starts the rotation all the way up his leg.  It torgues the hock.  It looks so painfull. 

I can't find the asnwer for him.  I can't progress in training as he gets sore, which I understand.  It has to be a huge strain on his legs which then creates his back soreness. His hind legs are being forced out as wide as his point of hips and his lower leg can't get there withouth the rotation, problem is that his feet don't move as they are planted under his midline.

Does anyone have experience with this?  Does anyone know what causes it?  The course of treatment?

Any input would be appreciated.

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